Happy Death Day 2U Ending Explained
by Looper
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Horror hit factory Blumhouse has returned to theaters with a mind-bending sequel to Happy Death Day and this time, everything's different. While the ....
Ben Affleck Breaks Silence On Why He's No Longer Batman
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Ben Affleck breaks silence on why he's no longer Batman, that's right, Batfleck has officially sent his cape and cowl to the cleaners and flown out of...
The Truth About The Criminal Minds Cancellation
by Looper
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CBS has announced that Criminal Minds will come to an end after 15 seasons and more than 300 episodes. Why would the network say goodbye to this still...
The Real Reason You Don't Hear From Rob Dyrdek Anymore
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It's always seemed like Rob Dyrdek was living the dream who wouldn't want to make millions while competing in the sport they love and goofing off with...
The Babadook Ending Explained
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Jennifer Kent's 2014 horror hit The Babadook has plenty to say about grief and the exhaustion of motherhood, while also being just plain scary. Part o...
Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked Worst To Best
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Love him or hate him, Spider-Man is one of Stan Lee's most successful comics; here's every Spider-Man movie ranked worst to best. Starting at the bott...
Great Movies You Didn't Know You Could Watch For Free On YouTube
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YouTube is branching out as a streaming service. You can rent or purchase films directly through the site for a small fee, but now, they're setting th...
New Last Blood Photos Reveal Rambo's Backstory
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Sylvester Stallone is pumped to be playing John J. Rambo one last time, and that excitement seems to be fueled by some new creative energy. As he's do...
Gorgeous Artwork Imagines Daniel Radcliffe As The Next Wolverine
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Thumbnail Image by bosslogic → http://bit.ly/2S30kgk Ever since The Walt Disney Company announced its plans to acquire the majority of studio 20th C...
Will Smith Gets Torched After Aladdin Trailer Release
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The "whole new world" that Disney's live-action Aladdin will take viewers to — is apparently the uncanny valley just outside of bizarro town. When t...
The Prodigy Ending Explained
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The moral of The Prodigy is as classic as horror movies go - it would be this: Creepy kids sure are creepy! But lurking under the surface of this tale...
This Man Of Steel Actor Is Gunning To Be The Next Batman
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When it comes to landing Hollywood's most coveted roles, even established actors have to show a little hustle. With the knowledge that Ben Affleck wil...
The Second Main Villain In The Batman May Have Been Revealed
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Even though the second main villain in The Batman may have been revealed, there's probably a bit of trickery going on. Matt Reeves The Batman - not st...
Awesome Movies Turning 20 In 2019
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Every year has its fair share of highs and lows at the movies, but some always seem to stand taller than the others. With the benefit of 20 years of h...
The Thing Ending Explained
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It's been nearly four decades since its release, and John Carpenter's The Thing remains one of the most untouchably gruesome and great horror films of...